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CAN SMART PACHINKO SAVE THE TRADITIONAL GAME, is one of Japan's most popular games and the only type of gambling in which private businesses.

CAN SMART PACHINKO SAVE THE TRADITIONAL GAME, is one of Japan’s most popular games and the only type of gambling in which private businesses are permitted to operate. 온라인카지노

Pachinko is not technically considered gambling because it rewards customers with cash in an indirect manner.

Despite operating in a legal gray area, Pachinko contributes significantly to Japanese GDP.

According to an official report, Japan’s total leisure market is worth around £325 billion (*exchange rate as of 27/10).

To the findings of this study, Pachinko accounts for approximately 2.7% of Japan’s GDP.

According to Forbes, Mr.Busujima, the CEO of one Pachinko slot machine manufacturer, is one of Japan’s top ten richest people.

This also demonstrates how well-established the industry has become.

The industry’s transformation over the last ten years

You might have assumed that Pachinko was a gold mine and that everyone would want to play.

However, the industry has been in decline for quite some time.

It peaked in 1996, producing 30 trillion Japanese Yen.

However, the number has steadily declined over the last ten years, with a sharp drop in 2020 due to the pandemic.

The reasons for these diminishing returns are thought to be the indifference of younger generations of players.

Other factors include gambling restrictions on the Pachinko business

An increase in slot machine prices, and so on. Whatever the reasons, Pachinko’s future is uncertain.

What exactly is Smart Pachinko?

Frequently translated as “slot machine game” or something along those lines.

This translation is actually quite accurate because people do play “typical slot machines,” which are machines where you put coins in and try to win more.

However, the introduction of Smart Pachinko is expected to change the industry.

To begin with, there are no coins or balls in the game.

Consider having a large-screen smartphone on which to play online slot games. 카지노사이트

It would alleviate the fear of Covid spreading and eliminate the physical labor required to transport boxes of coins/balls.

Other advantages include the prevention of cheating and addiction, as well as increased chances of winning a bonus).

Overall, Smart Pachinko is expected to increase the fairness and excitement of gambling.

Is it capable of saving the industry?

So, can Smart Pachinko revive the dwindling land-based industry? Both yes and no.

While we’ve already discussed the benefits, many people will be put off by the lack of coins or balls, as detailed by this blogger.

Furthermore, when people go gambling, they expect to win money. And most players subconsciously fantasize about big wins and life-changing payouts.

When it comes to Pachinko, this image depicts what many players desire.

Of course, the image depicts piles of boxes filled with balls. This is why so many people are present.

Smart Pachinko, on the other hand, does not have boxes, balls, touch balls, or the sound of balls coming out of the machine.

Other than simply winning the game, these are the elements that people enjoy. This is very important in attracting people to the traditional game.

Finally, the impact of Smart Pachinko on the industry is unknown.

And determining its full impact will take some time. However, its introduction could be the most significant turning point for Pachinko. 카지노 블로그

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